Between Dusk and Darkness


Between Dusk and Darkness is a collection of short poetic pieces that explore relationships, loss, grief and renewal. (This is a revised and updated edition of an earlier publication with the same title.) This edition was published in 2020 by Bennison Books.


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“I cannot imagine words harder to write, yet so beautiful to read.” ~ Peter Bowes, author of the ‘Generations’ trilogy, The Bookmaker from Rabaul, and The Next Headland

Reviews of earlier editions on Amazon:

A. Carder’s small book of prose poems is a credit to that form of poetry. Small images of moments skein into an intimacy that is so filled with longing and memories that they burn into your spirit and make you look at the love in your life and feel just how fragile time makes all of us in our most important relationships. In one poem, “A Lot to Talk About,” Carder says “That I sat among dry bones in this room, my arms a straightjacket, the paralysis of loss stopping everything, the day leaving without speaking.” The language is original and beautiful, of course, but what is important is the deep emotion conveyed, the sense of loss and how that loss has stopped everything in life, even the day that leaves without speaking.

There are endless examples of this deep emotion and analyses as the few moments left between dusk and darkness are explored in the poetry. Like most of the books published by Bennison Books, this is literature, an exploration, a description, a meaning that is just beyond what can be explored comfortably by words. What a poet A. Carder is. ~ Thomas Davis, author of The Weirding Storm.


One of my greatest recent reading pleasures has been the writing of A. Carder … It is wonderful to have so many of her quietly unique, intelligent and sensitive pieces in one collection – thoughts that curl in on themselves so you have to lean closer to hear their secrets and resistance to telling too much. ‘Between Dusk and Darkness’ offers page after page of interior moments past and present, slowly and softly recounting very personal experiences about love and loss and the certainty and ambivalence in-between. The writing here is exact and elusive, rich in `everyday’ detail, intriguing images and delicate wordplay, its progression often unexpected, profound and always very moving. ~ DM Denton, author of A House Near Luccoli and Without the Veil Between: Ann Brontë: A Fine and Subtle Spirit.